Microsoft will launch its Window 10X developer system for laptops


Microsoft will launch its Window 10X developer system for laptops


Company confirmed Microsoft Today, Monday it plans to refocus the operating system (Windows 10xWindows 10X to include single screen devices.

And he said (Banus Banai) – Microsoft Windows Hardware and Section Head: “The world is a completely different place than it was last October, when we shared our vision of a new class of dual-screen Windows devices.” He added: “We designed (Windows 10X) flexibly, and this flexibility enabled us to refocus our focus on single-screen (Windows 10X) devices, which take advantage of the power of the cloud to help our customers work, learn and play in new ways.”

Microsoft has not set a date to support single-screen devices such as Windows 10X laptops, nor the date for operating dual-screen devices in the system, however, Banai has confirmed that single-screen devices will be the first to use the system. He said: “We will continue to search for the right moment, in cooperation with our (OEM) partners, to launch dual-screen devices on the market.”

Microsoft is believed to have rearranged its priorities for Windows 10x and became focused on single-screen computers because of the emerging coronary virus pandemic (COVID-19), especially after the company saw a 75% increase, year on year, at a time when Windows 10 is being spent with more people turning to personal computers instead of smartphones or tablets for work or study during closings in most countries of the world.

It is noteworthy that the system (Windows 10X) – which was initially aimed at dual-screen devices such as (Surface Neo) Surface Neo – provides a simple and modern interface. Microsoft is updating the system with some changes to the user interface to support multitasking and quick access to settings.

Microsoft is expected to announce more details about the system and the hardware it is working on developing later in May at the annual developer conference, Build.

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