Mourtada: “Maximizing peace” if FIFA proves that 7 is greater than 9


Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek club, said that he would welcome the decision that the International Football Association (FIFA) will issue regarding the crisis of the Horn of Africa club, which Al-Ahly obtained in 2001.

“We are not in quarrel with Al-Ahly, what we are asking for is our right, and if Viva proves to me that the seven are greater than the nine, their decision will be to maximize peace,” added the president of the White Castle, in remarks on his club’s official screen, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

He continued: “We have prepared a complete file and we will seek the help of the duo Muhammad Bayoumi and Muhammad Fadlallah, as well as two foreign lawyers on this issue.”

He continued: “Ali Mustafa Murad Fahmy proves to me the opposite that he was a member of the board of the Al-Ahly Club at the time of his work in Kafe, and Abdel Moneim Shatta must prove to me the opposite that he worked in the technical committee in Kef.”

Murtada Mansour revealed a request about Kaf after raising the “Real Century Club” banner, saying: “Kaf asked me to remove his logo from the banner and I agreed.”

On Friday, Zamalek club put up a banner on its walls, titled “The Real Century Club,” at the club’s headquarters in Mit Aqabah. (See details)


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