Murtaji: I do not think that I will be a member of the Ahli Board of Directors again


Khaled Murtaji, the current Al-Ahly club board member, has opened doubts about his upcoming position at the Red Fort, and the possibility of him running for more positions in the upcoming Al-Ahmar elections.

Khaled Murtaji said in his statements to the Youth and Sports Radio: “It is a great honor to be present on the board of the Al-Ahly Club, not only because it is Al-Ahly, but because it is my home in which I was raised.”

He added: “As long as I agreed from the beginning to be a member of the Ahli Board of Directors, Mahmoud Al-Khatib spoke to me about it, and I agreed at that time to be in this position.”

He continued: “There are 4 years I must satisfy them with that position, and it is not correct to deviate from that, but after four years for every position of article, but I do not think that I will be satisfied that I will be a member of the Board of Directors again.”

And Murtaji continued his statements by saying: “If you feel that your position is not right to be in a certain position, then it is your right to consider serving the club from abroad, or in any other way.”

Khaled Murtaji concluded his statements by saying: “I do not think about the elections nor are we used to talking about the elections, nor do I seek positions. All I want to see is the Al-Ahli club, and that its board of directors succeeds, and my father taught me that whoever makes the chair (the position) is the person, not the chair. He is the one who makes the person. “


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