Nadia El-Gendy reveals the truth about her plastic surgery – Watch


Yesterday, the able artist Nadia El-Gendy appeared to be the guest of the Cairo program now, by presenting the media to Mays El-Hadidi on the Arabic Al-Hadath screen, through the Zoom app from the Google Store.

Nadia El-Gendy topped the search engines due to her statements, and we monitor for you her most prominent statements:

1 – I have not undergone permanent plastic surgery, whether in my face or other sensitive places since my first appearance on the screen, and my aesthetic and distinguished performance is from a nominal and historical line.

2 – I participated in the series Sukkar Ziada with Nabila Obaid, despite the historical conflict between us because of the quality of the work and the scenario, and Adel Imam participated before, starring in Hamsa Bab, despite our constant competition.

3 – Nadia Al-Jundi stressed the great and historical importance of the series Al-Khyara, that it is a reference in shaping the awareness of the next generation

4 – I am constantly trying to follow the social media to know the reaction of the public regarding my artwork

5 – The Prince series is very cool and a great performance by the team, directing and taking the same idea of ​​the movie Prince of Revenge


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