Nagy: Awwad made childish behaviors towards me .. He put my phone number on his page to offend the fans


Ahmed Nagy, the current Smouha goalkeeper coach and the former national team, expressed his dissatisfaction with the response of Mohamed Awad, Zamalek goalkeeper to him recently.

Naji explained that Awwad made childish behaviors towards him, the most prominent of which was the publication of his phone number through his pages on various social media sites, in order to urge the masses to insult him in private messages.

Nagy said in his statements to Radio Youth and Sports: “I moved to Saudi Arabia in order to watch Muhammad Awad during his time in the Al-Wahda team, and saw two or three games for him, and I came back and I am convinced that he still needs some friendly matches that he is playing with us in order to play under pressure.”

He added: “I was convinced that I would share Sharif Ekrami in the national team, because he had played the last international match against Ghana in Ghana, and he appeared at a good level and he was the star of the meeting, and he can play under pressure, and experience is in his favor, and this does not mean that I am against Awad.”

Awad continued, “Awad acted some childish behavior, but it did not affect me, because one day I was in his place as a goalkeeper, and I was angry and rebellious, and sometimes I made mistakes, so I am very accommodating now.”

He continued: “There were abuses against him, and he published my phone number on his page on the social media site, for the masses to carry out my captivity, my phone did not stop receiving calls and messages for 24 hours, and I had to turn off the phone.”

Ahmed Nagy concluded his statements saying: “This matter affected me because I really like Awad, but we have not yet spoken, and I am waiting for him to calm down in order to communicate, because he did not calm down until now. A few days ago I said that he was moving to take a chance in another team, and he answered me saying that Google will ask and will not ask me about such matters. “


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