“National Roads”: We studied the site of the Suez Road gates …


01:35 am

Sunday 17 May 2020

Books – Muhammad Khamis:
Major General Magdy Anwar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Roads Company, said that the Suez Road Gate was carefully located as a national security, noting that its construction was aimed at tightening control over all roads.

“Anwar” added to the program “On My Responsibility” on “Echo Al-Balad” satellite channel, today, Saturday, that the company is working for the state and relaxing the citizen on all roads, explaining that the choice of the location of the Suez Road Gate was well studied before starting its construction.

He continued by saying: “The cost of constructing the Suez Road is 2 billion pounds, and the company made a monthly subscription of 80 pounds for cars that pass through the Suez Road, and 8 thousand monthly subscriptions were issued for cars that pass through the road within 24 hours.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Roads Company stated that offices in Al-Shorouk and Madinaty have been allocated to extract the monthly subscription for traffic from the Suez Road, adding that the subscription can be extracted by driving license and ID.

He stressed that some citizens refrain from paying the transit fees from the Suez Road Gate, appealing to them of the necessity of cooperation in order to upgrade the homeland, explaining that President Sisi visited the Suez Road Gate yesterday to follow up on the procedures and directed to increase the number of lanes in the gate.

He added: “There are 18 lane cars for owners on the Suez Road, and they were divided into 3 branches, the first with 8 lanes, the second with 6 lanes, and the last with 4 lanes, and each traffic lane is 2.75 meters wide, stressing that road maintenance costs the state huge sums of money.”

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