Negativity of the second sample of Dakahlia Governor and his wife, and declaring their recovery


11:05 PM

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Dakahlia – Rami Mahmoud:

The governor of Dakahlia, Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, announced today, Tuesday evening, the negativity of the analyzes taken for him and his wife for the second time, announcing their recovery from the new Corona virus.

The governor said that a new smear was taken from him and his wife this morning, and was sent to the laboratories of the Health Directorate at Mansoura International Hospital, by a medical team inside his break, and the results returned this evening, and proved negative.

The governor added that he is committed to the Ministry of Health’s protocol on following treatment and comfort, noting that he will spend the rest of the recovery period inside the break, and to be allowed to go out and start his work inside his office.

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