New decision by the Minister of Health after increasing the number of Corona patients … Video


Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, confirmed that only 17 health-barrier hospitals have been operated so far, and the Prime Minister was addressed to chest and fever hospitals to take all measures to deal with Corona virus cases and isolate them healthily, work is now being done to raise their efficiency, and tomorrow training sessions will be conducted For all the medical teams in those hospitals, adding: “We have 81 fever hospitals diagnosing cases and sending them to the isolation hospital, but our plan is to rehabilitate hospitals to do all the tasks.”

She noted that the health system in Egypt is strong, and it has been evaluated positively outside Egypt, as hospitals have been working for health bans in all governorates.

The Minister of Health continued, during televised comments, that the reports were indicating that the movement to the markets in the previous period, precisely before the start of Ramadan, was very few.

And she continued: “With the beginning of Ramadan, the citizens started to go to the market on the increase, and this is not a defect, but the problem is that the citizens do not adhere to the precautionary measures.”

The Minister of Health pointed out that 27% of 30% of people with corona died before their arrival in the hospital, and 31% died in the first 4 days of their arrival at the isolation hospital. Plasma treatment experiments are being conducted with about 100 countries that have entered into research on treating the Corona virus. Plasma.

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