New details find the body of the Chinese ambassador to Israel inside his residence


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The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed the validity of press reports that the body of the Chinese ambassador to Israel, Du Fei, was found inside his residence in Herzliya today, Sunday.

The 12th Israeli channel quoted a report by the Red Star of David, confirming that there were no signs of violence on the body of the late ambassador, and that the body was found in bed, and doctors believed that he died during sleep and the cause of death was due to a heart attack.

The ministry announced that the police had reached the site of the accident and launched an investigation into the death of the Chinese diplomat, without providing additional details.

For its part, the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv stated that it cannot confirm the accuracy of these reports now, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The 57-year-old Chinese diplomat arrived in Israel to take up his new position last February, amid the pandemic of the emerging Corona virus, and before that he served as Beijing’s ambassador to Ukraine.

The late ambassador has a wife and a child, but they are not currently in Israel.

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