New rules for conducting corona smears and hospital admission … Urgent statement from the Cabinet


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Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, stated that public and central hospitals will receive Corona virus patients and track their medical history, and examine them clinically with a blood and chest x-ray image analysis, and then the case definition is applied, adding that patients who do not meet the definition of the case will spend a treatment As for the symptoms, they leave the hospital, and those who meet the definition of the case will be given a smear test of the emerging virus Corona, and a preliminary evaluation of the cases will be made.

Dr. Hala Zayed explained that with minor cases, a symptom treatment will be spent while waiting at home until the result appears, and with intermediate cases or higher, the patient will be hospitalized until the result appears, noting that in a positive case the results are evaluated according to three levels: the first level in which the case Simple and isolated locally, and the second level is moderate and low and these cases are transferred to youth hostels and university cities, while the third level is “moderate high”, severe, or critical, and these are transferred to isolation hospitals.

The Minister of Health indicated that household insulation supplies will be distributed on simple positive cases that are scheduled to be isolated, through a medical supplies bag containing masks, disinfectants, and some medications, and added that at the same time, the patient will be followed through the electronic system to track cases of domestic isolation.

During the cabinet meeting, chaired by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, reviewed the current situation of efforts to confront the Corona virus in Egypt.

Dr. Hala Zayed pointed out that, starting tomorrow, May 21, all non-specialized public and central hospitals will be joined to serve the examination of suspected cases, with 320 hospitals; This is within the framework of the strategy for dealing with positive cases.

She added that the strategy to deal with the positive cases adopted by the Ministry of Health, which began since February 13, was to enter all the cases discovered in the isolation hospitals, and on April 7 last, the ministry allowed the entry of all the cases discovered to the isolation hospitals and the exit of simple cases of inns and hotels after 5 days.

The Minister of Health’s offer also included indicating that training is underway on the examination and treatment protocol and linkage system. The Minister also pointed to the praise of the “World Health Organization” at its last meeting of the comprehensive health insurance system that Egypt began to implement, as well as praising the comprehensive health insurance law, in which all Egyptians enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage, explaining that the organization is a key partner for Egypt in implementing the system On all levels.

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