News of the development of a new drug, Coronavirus, will be presented to the infected soon


A new drug for coronavirus, developed by Turkish University of Health Sciences (SBU) and VSY biotechnology, is ready and will be presented to those with coronavirus soon.

He added that Turkey has taken some serious steps to find a cure for the new coronavirus, adding that TR-C 19 is one of the ready-made examples for testing on volunteers. The medicine will be licensed soon.

Erdol said that cooperation between Turkish universities and the healthcare industry is more important than ever because of the epidemic.

The Turkish Ministry of Health is supporting the trc19 project, which has neutralized previously isolated coronavirus in the laboratory and is ready for testing on Coronavirus patients. He added, “We are awaiting the necessary approvals and are planning a TR-C 19 license soon.”

The head of VSY Biotechnology, Erkan Farlebash, said that the company operates in 66 countries and uses all of its capabilities to help Turkey fight the coronavirus.

“VSY Biotechnology has done many groundbreaking R&D projects. “One of his most important projects is the development of CKV therapy, with the level of cooperation we have undertaken with SBU playing an important role in delivering the drug to implementation,” Warley Bash said. The process will be completed in a short time. ”

Erdol and Warley Bash have said developments related to the TR-C 19 drug will be shared with citizens soon.

The Turkish state mobilized and private companies to develop drugs and vaccines that would eliminate the Corona virus, as the country made huge investments to take precautions against epidemics and the largest scientific body in Turkey invested in one billion Turkish liras (300 million dollars) to develop 16 vaccines and other medical projects over the five years Past.

Source Turkey in Arabic

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