News portal: private “Al-Bawaba News” inside the house of the slaughtered pharmacist Hurghada reveals how he was attacked


“Al-Bawaba News” continues to reveal the truth about the attack on the pharmacy student
Which was “slaughtered” by using a white weapon “Cutter” by a number of
The thugs included 3 boys and 4 girls

The victim tells the full story of the assault, from its inception
He ended up inside the Hurghada General Hospital operating room with cut-up miscellaneous injuries
About 55 surgical stitches, the most dangerous of which “slaughtered” in the neck, almost led to his life
If it had not been for the providence, he would have been among the dead

Karim Masoud, a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, 22, is a young man, he says
Mahmoud, he saw a number of 3 boys and some 4 girls, and they were
They exchange fun and entertainment next to a car owned by his father, so I was afraid that something bad would happen to the car
As a result of some of them sitting on the trunk of the car, indicating that he approached them to inform them that
Get away from the car

He continues,
Mahmoud, that when they were removed from the car, one of the girls apologized to him, explaining,
That when he left them and went back to his house, he heard one of the girls say, “We talked about whoever
Never mind, “and he came back to them in amazement, saying:” I am not overpowering and there is no need to be insulted. ”
One of the three boys responded with his hands pushing him back strongly, so Mahmoud returned and pushed
The boy is back as he did with him

Mahmoud emphasized that at this moment he saw the boys exiting white weapons
“Cutter” from their pocket and heaped consecutive blows to the neck first, then rolled
White electrical “strikes” on the head, back and right side
And the left, even blood from all parts of my body

He pointed out,
The pharmacist, in exclusive statements to “Al-Bawaba News”, said he saw the girls attract him
And the boys, “thugs”, beat him with “elect”, until they weakened
His ability to defend or resist himself, pointing out that he felt very tired
He was breathing his last, between the interruption of his breath and the blood that drowned his clothes

He emphasized,
The pharmacist said that providence interfered in the last moments, when all of them saw them
They run away after his father expelled them with the sticks that he was leaning on

The incident, when, last Tuesday, a student at a pharmacist college was seriously wounded in the neck
The head and separate parts of the body, reached 55 stitches using a sharp instrument
“Cutter”, on the 30th Street in Hurghada

And she was
One of the surveillance cameras with a drug close to the incident, showed that the pharmacist saw a number of
Young men and women sit on his father’s car, so he came to them advising them to stay away from them
The car, but one of them assaulted the pharmacist with a scalpel on the face, head and areas
Scattered from the body, resulting in a pharmacist injury of 55 stitches

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