Newspaper: Britain has developed a contingency plan for Johnson’s death as he grapples with the disease


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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, in an interview with the Sun, that the British government had developed an emergency plan for his death when his health had deteriorated while he was in critical care fighting the emerging “Corona” (Covid-19) disease caused by the Corona virus.

Johnson, 55, returned to work on Monday, a month after he was tested positive for the virus. Johnson spent ten days in isolation at Downing Street from late March, but was transferred to St. Thomas Hospital in London where he received oxygen therapy and spent three nights in intensive care.

“They had a strategy to deal with a scenario along the lines of Stalin’s death … It was a difficult moment, which I will not deny,” the newspaper quoted Johnson as saying.

After Johnson’s exit, St. Thomas Hospital said he was happy to take care of the Prime Minister, but he did not provide any details about the severity of his illness other than that he received treatment in intensive care.

And on his battle with Covid-19, Johnson said, “Doctors had had all the arrangements for what to do if things went down badly.”

He said that doctors discussed putting him on a ventilator.

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