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We publish The date for disbursement of the non-regular employment grant 2020 Second month with visa “The second installment“As well Manpower site link, Where the grant of 500 pounds has received widespread attention in recent days, it was issued previously The Ministry of Manpower In order to support Irregular employmentThis came in accordance with the directives and decisions of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, to disburse the grant to those who are entitled, over a period of three months, provided that the total amount is 1500 pounds per worker as support under the exceptional circumstances to face the spread of the Corona virus “Covid-19”.

The date for disbursement of the non-regular employment grant 2020

All the recipients of the grant are taken the amount specified for them in the second installment, from the day after May 29, 2020, due to the presence of Eid Al Fitr holidays before this time.

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About one million and 600 thousand and 216 workers from irregular employment, 2020, are waiting for the disbursement of the second full payment as well as the third from the grant issued by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to support the workers affected by the preventive measures to face the Corona crisis.

It is announced that the date of disbursement of the second batch of the grant will be known in the coming days, through the committee formed under the chairmanship of Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, membership of the ministries of the workforce, social solidarity, planning, supply and internal trade, communications and information technology and other parties related to developing appropriate mechanisms To protect and support this category.

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According to the latest census issued by the Ministry of Manpower, the number of irregular workers registered in the electronic system of the Ministry reached about 3 million and 514 thousand and 236 workers, and you can access the link of the workforce website.Ministry’s official website “, via this link: After evaluating the data in a way by some of the competent authorities to do so, their number reached 2 million and 61 thousand and 18 due, and the number of those who spent the first installment of the grant during the period from April 13 to May 14 is one million and 600 thousand and 216 due, they spent up to 800 million and 108 Thousands of pounds.

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