Officially .. Passat 2020 volkswagen passat in Egypt .. Pictures


The car comes Passat volkswagen passat 2020 With standard specifications of Volkswagen It is available with a 1400 cc engine that has 150 horsepower and 250 N / m torque and is connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

It is worth noting that The company is preparing to provide another version of the car Passat volkswagen passat 2020 It is slated to launch in May
Next, it is the highest version of the car, as the new Passat in Egypt will be offered with a 1400 cc turbo engine with a total power of 150 hp, which is the same engine found in other models of Volkswagen, and is considered stronger than the previous engine.

Echo Country: After its global launch, Egypt awaits Volkswagen Passat ...
Passat 2020 prices in Egypt

As for the Passat 2020 prices in Egypt It comes at a price starting from 475,000 pounds to 575,000 pounds, according to the prices announced in the popular website for selling cars in Egypt.


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