Omar Jaber: Pyramids “Mokdini Kouis”


Omar Gaber, player of the Pyramids team, revealed his position on leaving his team in the coming period, in light of the reports that linked him to returning to Zamalek next summer.

Gaber said in comments on the “MBC Egypt” screen in the early hours of Saturday morning: “I am continuing in Pyramids, and I am receiving good treatment from the club.”

He continued: “The club appreciates me well, and I am happy with my team in the current period.”

On the fact that official offers have arrived at his club, Jaber replied: “I do not have official offers in the current period, especially in light of the current situation.”

And he ended: “There are still two seasons in my contract.”

Omar Jaber had moved to Pyramids in the summer of 2018 from the American Los Angeles team in a deal that did not announce its financial value.

The Pyramids player participated with a team in 27 different games, whether in the Egyptian League or the African Confederation, to score a single goal this season.

The 28-year-old started his career with Zamalek in 2010 before moving to professional football in the Swiss League with Basel in the summer of 2016 and from there to the Los Angeles team.


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