Omar Kamal reveals the truth about his relationship with the dancer


09:54 PM

Sunday 10 May 2020

I wrote – Sahar Azzam:

Singer Omar Kamal said that his relationship with the dancer is a jewel that is a work relationship, adding: “She is her blood is light, and she dances in a new way, and our job succeeds when she dances.”

Kamal denied, during a television interview with the program “Sheikh Al-Harat and Al-Jaray”, presented by director Enas Al-Deghaidi, broadcasted on the channel “Cairo and the People”, on Sunday, what was raised in the program about the spending of a woman on him during his stay in the Emirates and helping her to obtain residency for the singer of festivals Hassan Shakoush, pointing To refusing to depend on any lady financially.

Omar Kamal then indicated that his failure to join the Arab Music Institute for obtaining a Sanayeh diploma “is an imperative need”, he said, noting that he sought to study music freely in a way that would benefit him in singing.


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