On behalf of the death of Shadi Habashi: Drink a sip of alcohol used to guard against Corona


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The Public Prosecution revealed the details of the death of the young director, Shadi Habashi, in his prison, and said that she had received a notification from the Prison Authority Sector, on the evening of May 1, of the death of the accused Shadi Habashi, who was held in custody pending the case 480 of the year 2018, restricting the security of the Supreme State, to the clinic for the Cairo prison in an area Tora prisons, so the public prosecutor ordered an investigation into the incident.

With the transfer of the public prosecutor’s office to debate the body of the deceased, “no apparent injuries were found in it, and by asking the acting doctor in charge of Cairo’s prison on the day of the incident, he decided to notify him at dawn of this day to fatigue the deceased, and by signing a medical examination, he showed good awareness and the normal rates of his vital signs, while the latter informed him of drinking a quantitative error Of alcohol on the afternoon of the day before his death, claiming that he was unaware of his fate and suspicion that the bottle in which he was filling a water bottle, and his feeling of abdominal pain, and he gave him an intestinal antiseptic and anti-cramps and returned him to his prison to stabilize his condition, and he looked at his medical file and made sure that there was no precedent He was suffering from any chronic diseases – and the Public Prosecution viewed a copy of the file.

A statement to the Public Prosecution stated that “on the morning of the same day he was informed again that the aforementioned fatigue was persistent and he had vomiting, so he examined him and confirmed the normal rates of his vital signs, then injected him with an antiemetic and returned him to his prison and contacted with another alternate doctor who assisted him, assuring him of the correctness of the measures taken to treat the accused, To inform him at noon that day that the deceased continued to complain, especially of abdominal pain, he injected him with an anti-cramping after examining him and making sure of the validity of his vital signs rates, and in the evening and for his continued fatigue, he told the assisting doctor about his order to complete his treatment, which by his question he decided to request – upon notification – to transfer the deceased to the prison clinic until A photo E to sign the examination, and informed him from the other doctor of the deceased claiming that he drank a quantity of alcohol, and that it was clear from the signature of the examination that he was disturbed by the degree of consciousness and his weak pulse and pressure, he conducted first aid to him, and proceeded to take the procedures of his immediate transfer to an external hospital, and preparing an ambulance to transport him, and after a bad His condition gave him solutions and tried to revive his heart and lungs, but he did not respond and died to the mercy of God ».

The statement added: “This and the Public Prosecution asked three of the companions of the deceased in the room in which he was imprisoned. One of them witnessed his surprise at the afternoon of the day before the incident, when the deceased entered a bout of hysterical laughter apparently in contrast to his nature, and when he inquired from him about the reason for that, he informed him of a sip of alcohol It is permissible to purify the hands of prisoners held as a precaution against the Corona virus, and on this evening he was surprised by the severe injury of the deceased and a severe headache, and by exploring his matter, the deceased reassured him and informed him of his pain in his eyes. ; And His condition was unstable by his consumption, and the manifestations of fatigue persisted on him, complaining about his inability to see clearly, and his doubts about what the deceased told him about by mistakenly drinking a sip of alcohol, he asked him again about what he drank, and he did not compel him to feel dizzy, then he took the detainees and accompanied him to verify the extent of the lack of alcohol They possessed them, so they confirmed his safety, while they found a basket of empty trash two empty containers of about one hundred milliliters of a different type that only the accused used, as they found in his luggage a package of the same type. ”

He continued: “Then, on the morning of the death, the companions of the deceased sought help from the guard for his assistance and the signature of the medical examination on him, so he was transferred to the prison clinic at dawn, and he stayed there for about twenty minutes to return to them informing them of signing the medical examination and injecting him with an anti-vomiting drug, and then he fell down when they spoke to him and was spawned His eyes made him vomit again, so they tried to feed him but he continued to vomit and had delirium, so they appealed to him again at the beginning of the day, so he was transferred to the prison clinic within ten oclock in the morning and stayed there for about two hours and then returned to his prison, where they learned from him by asking the guard to return to his prison until he came The doctor who was not arrived for S. He passed away, and at that time the deceased complained to them of his inability to see clearly and his fear of blindness, and they continued to seek help until he was transferred at two oclock to sign the medical examination on him, and when the witness woke up, the deceased saw him asleep and learned from his companions that he took a solution for his treatment and that the doctors told them of the possibility of continuing stability His condition after that, and in Morocco on this day, the deceased person woke up agonizingly, making the eyes unconscious, with a state of delirium, so they sought help to help him, and he was transferred to the prison clinic and later learned of his death. The witness confirmed the stability of the defendant’s health condition – physical and psychological – before he died. He died, and he did not complain in advance of any chronic diseases, and did not attack him before, denying the possibility that the deceased committed suicide.

The statement stated: “While the Public Prosecution asked two other inmates of the deceased’s companions in his prison, one of them witnessed the contents of what was witnessed by his predecessor, explaining that the deceased possessed three bottles of alcohol with a capacity of about one hundred milliliters – of a type not with others – and that he and his companions in his prison found two empty containers in a basket Trash, confirming the stability of the deceased’s psychological condition prior to his death, and his failure to complain of any chronic diseases before, and not subjecting him to a previous infringement on him throughout his imprisonment period.

He added: «While the other inmate witnessed his vision, who died the afternoon of the day before his death in the prison yard – the company of others – and in possession of a bottle of soda water, he drank a sip from it and tasted a strange taste in it, and at that time the deceased laughed when he asked him, knowing that he had mixed the soda water with alcohol used to clean hands. To have an effect such as the effect of alcohol, then when he returned to their prison and the time of Morocco noticed that the deceased had hesitated more than once on the bathroom, then he later had vomiting and a headache, so his companions asked him about the cause of his poor health, so he decided to drink them with alcohol, and the witness confirmed this to them informing them to drink it Also a sip of soda water bottle Mixed with alcohol which was the possession of the deceased, then he gave details of what happened to the last until his death as witnessed by the other two witnesses, and he added that, on the following day, he suffered from the fatigue and vomiting incident, so his companions referred the reason for this to the drinking water that was mixed with the alcohol that was the possession of the deceased And advised him to disclose this to the prison authority, and he reported the incident and received the necessary treatment. This has ended the witness in his question that this was the second time that he saw the deceased drink soda water mixed with alcohol, and that he learned from their comrades in prison that he drank about two bottles of that one-capacity substance About a hundred milliliters Almost, confirming the deceased are not subjected to any previous longer during his detention, and that the psychological condition before his death was a good and stable ».

The statement concluded: «The Public Prosecutor has ordered the completion of investigations, and assigned a forensic doctor to dissect the body of the deceased to explain the direct cause that led to his death, and if his body had any injuries, cause, method, and date of occurrence – if any -, and took a visceral sample from him to indicate the extent to which it contains Any narcotic, intoxicating, toxic, or alcoholic substances or not, and in the case of their existence, a statement of the extent of their cause of his death, the extent of the occurrence of the occurrence according to the photocopy that resulted in the investigations to date, as well as an indication of the correctness of the medical procedures taken by the two doctors who signed the examination ».

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