On her birthday .. Learn the secret of Adele losing 22 kilos of weight


Today May 5 marks International Birthday Adele She completed her 31st year, and Adele sparked controversy after she appeared in one of the pictures with a very slim texture after losing 22 kilos of her weight.

A global nutrition expert revealed that the British singer Adele lost more than 22 kilograms of weight through the harsh diet, not by practicing harsh exercises, as some claimed.

A specialist named Camilla, who is Brazilian, said that Adele She does not like to exercise, so she prefers to give up the foods she loves in order to lose weight significantly.
I followed Adele Diet system to lose 22 kilograms of weight, called Sirtfood, but a report published by hilthylien confirmed that this system is classified as difficult, and specialists warn him, because it has a lot of deprivation which makes it difficult to continue for a long time.

Therefore, a person quickly gains the weight he lost after dropping out of the diet, as it mainly depends on eating proteins and reducing the caloric intake of an individual for 1000 calories in the first week and 1500 calories in the second week, and preventing fats and carbohydrates, which exposes them to nausea and fatigue, especially as it prevents Calcium is also a very important component for the body to perform vital processes.


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