On the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr .. Muhammad Imam reveals a surprise to his fans regarding the movie “Thief of Baghdad”


The star Mohammed Imam revealed a surprise to his fans on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, which is to provide a copy of the movie “Thief of Baghdad“On all movie sites to download and watch in high quality.

Imam posted a photo of him on his personal account on Instagram, and wrote, “On the occasion of Eid, the thief of Baghdad is currently on #JawwyTV And all movie sites ?? “.

The movie, “Thief Baghdad” starring Mohammed Imam and Fathi Abdel-Wahab, broke the 32 million mark in the mid-year vacation season tickets window, since its launch on Wednesday, January 22nd.

And the film began its presentation in all Arab countries, America and Canada, starting on January 29, and Muhammad Imam and Muhammad Abdul Rahman had opened the film in the cities of Dubai and Jordan, and they celebrated with the audience by showing the film.

“Thief Baghdad”, starring Mohamed Imam, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Yasmine Raies, Amina Khalil, Mohamed Abdel Rahman Tota, Ahmed Rizk, who appears as an honorary guest of the events, and the film is written by Tamer Ibrahim, directed by Ahmed Khaled Musa, and its events revolve within an action framework that includes many of Comic situations, about a comic adventure that occurs when the movie’s protagonists interest in searching for a lost treasure, the film is produced by Synergy Films..

“Thief of Baghdad” records the second cooperation between “Synergy Films” and Mohamed Imam after he presented together the movie “Night Here and Pleasure” last year and won more than 35 million pounds, and co-starred with Yasmine Sabry, Farouk El-Fishawy, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Salam, Rehab El-Gamal and authored Mustafa Saqr and Mohamed Ezz and directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi


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