“One scene, but our hearts kidnapped you” … the audience’s comments on Inge’s appearance


02:07 am

Saturday 16 May 2020

I wrote- Bahira Foda:

The screenwriter Engy Alaa surprised her audience by appearing in one of the scenes of the series “The End” in episode 22, starring her husband, the artist Youssef Sharif.

The audience praised her role in the episode, despite appearing for a few minutes, and many commented through her account on Twitter, and we monitor for you audience comments in this report:

The comments came: “With an ordinary look, suddenly a bright moon appears in the series, in a way that hijacks the heart of this person, and my true beauty is the most beautiful surprise, what a beauty this is, real. Today’s episode, what is this light? ”

Others wrote: “I was amazed and delighted, but I did not go to John at the base of the Play Station when I appeared in the series. I looked in one scene, but you kidnapped our heart. The episode has collapsed, cute and respectful, and may God protect them for each other. “
The series “The End” starring Youssef El Sharif, Amr Abdel Jalil, Sahr El Sayegh, Ahmed Wafik, Nahed El Sebaei, Sarah Adel, Screenplay and Dialogue by Amr Samir Atef, and directed by Yasser Sami.



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