Osama Haykal reveals new details about when the ban will be lifted


Osama Haikal, Minister of State for Media Affairs, explained that the government is following the day of the day of the situation in Egypt and that a decision is taken only in consultation between the government and sometimes the governors are involved in decisions.

Osama Haykal added, in his intervention on the “Cairo Now” program, that issuing a decision on lifting the ban completely after the Eid al-Fitr prayer will be premature, stressing that the government meets periodically to monitor the situation and that he “personally wishes to return normal life and lift the ban completely.”

He explained that in the next crisis meeting before Eid, the decision regarding lifting the ban will be decided before Eid Al Fitr.

He stressed that the government is working with a methodology to preserve the health of citizens and the rotation of the wheel of the economy, explaining: “We are working on the rotation of the wheel of the economy so that many citizens do not lose their jobs.”

Heikal revealed that some institutions declared bankruptcy, refusing to mention their names, in addition to a number of factories that are now closed due to the repercussions of the emerging crisis of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

He continued: «The job of the government represented in the cabinet is to help these factories so that they do not close their doors by turning the wheel of the economy because the closure will be reflected in layoffs, which affects unemployment rates.

The Minister of Information stated that the government dealt with a specific methodology consisting of two parts, the first is to preserve the health of citizens, and the second part is the rotation of the wheel of the economy with minimal losses.

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