Police officers use smart helmets to check temperatures in search of Corona


Police officers in many countries have begun to wear artificial helmets that work with artificial intelligence and are able to automatically measure the temperature of pedestrians via an infrared camera while they patrol the streets in the midst of the coronavirus and make a company (KC Wearable)It is one of many Chinese companies pushing future monitoring technology to track the outbreak of the new Corona virus, this smart helmet (KC N901) Equipped with a processor (ARM) And augmented reality display, infrared camera and optical camera, according to Sky News.

It shows a video posted by a company (KC Wearable) An officer wearing a helmet with a camera attached to it with live feed from the helmet itself shows people wearing masks, with a number appearing over their heads as they move that reflects actual body temperature, as captured by the camera attached to the helmet.

According to the specifications of high-tech smart helmets, wearers can discover the temperature of pedestrians at a distance of two meters, and the company says that any information captured by the helmet is stored within the helmet itself, and the price of a single helmet is between 5000 and 7000 dollars.

The police officer who wears it can measure the temperature of a particular individual, measure the temperatures of passers-by in larger crowds, scan a person’s QR code to obtain his personal data, recognize license plates, see people in the dark, or recognize people via face recognition technology.

According to the global director of the company (KC Wearable)Dr. Ji Guo Jie GuoMore than a thousand smart helmets are already in use throughout China, and she said, “We sent the helmets to the Italian military police and the Dutch government for examination, as the police in Dubai use them.”“.

In response to a question about the accuracy of the temperature survey of the helmet, Dr. Ji Guo said that the accuracy was 96 percent after the company conducted extensive testing..

Professor Davy Jones from Bangor University, who led a research project on the spread of corona virus in the cruise ship (Diamond Princess): “At least 25 percent of the ship’s passengers had no symptoms at all, so they obviously don’t have a fever“.

A study published by the medical journal concluded (Eurosurveillance) In February, it was unlikely that an airport inspection would reveal a sufficient proportion of travelers infected with the Coronavirus.


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