Positive signs of the first case of plasma injection were recovered. Video


Dr. Khaled Mujahid, spokesperson forMinistry of Health , That the results Demonstrated The validity of using recovered plasma injections as a treatment for emerging coronavirus, stressing: We extracted plasma from 6 recoverers and 3 of them were validated to treat patients Corona Virus The newbie.

Mujahid added, during a phone call to a program happening in Egypt via the MBC satellite channel, that we injected the first patients with plasma recoverers, knowing that his condition was critical and began to show positive signs after 48 hours.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health continued That, since the US Food and Drug Administration announced the possibility of using the plasma of patients recovering from the emerging corona virus to be used in the treatment of critical conditions, given that they contain antibodies to the virus, which gives the possibility to improve those cases.

Mujahid referred to That who works within the scientific committee formed by the decision of the Minister of Health and Population, which is responsible for developing and updating treatment protocols and overseeing the development and implementation of research protocols in cooperation with many research agencies in the world.

And Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, announced the start of an experiment to inject those infected with the corona virus emerging from the plasma of those recovering from the virus, in order to treat critical cases.

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