Qatar field hospital collapse tops Twitter


The Qatari field hospital set up by a Turkish company for the Qatari government to confront the Corona virus collapsed after it was exposed to strong winds, which reached a speed of about 72 km per hour, according to Qatari media.

The hashtag # field_found_foundation of the hospital issued a social networking site, “Twitter” in Saudi Arabia, hours after the collapse of the hospital, built by Qatar, for people living with HIV.

Media reports said that the collapsed hospital was built by a Turkish company, which cost hundreds of millions of dollars, as there were reports of injuries and deaths.

The Qatar News Agency, in a tweet on Twitter, quoted the Ministry of Public Health as saying: Strong winds of 72 km per hour and heavy rains caused the collapse of two tents that had been established at Hazm Mabrik General Hospital for the purpose of expansion this afternoon.

A clip has spread widely on social media platforms, through activists who exposed the regime of al-Hamdain, who they accused of treason and trafficking in the lives of citizens.

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