Quick support tackled the “genocide” on Bashir’s step down


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

The first deputy chairman of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, Mohamed Hamdan Hamidati, revealed a plan to exterminate the protesters in front of the General Command on April 11 last year, which was addressed by the Rapid Support Forces, the day that Ex-President Omar al-Bashir stepped down.

Hamiditi said, in an interview with a Sudanese channel 24 Sunday evening, that “on the eleventh of April, 2019, 13 tanks of armored vehicles in Khartoum moved with all their assets belonging to the formation from outside the military system to exterminate the protesters in front of the General Command of the Army.”

He also added: “We were stopped by quick supporters at the heels of Dell, and if we had stopped them, the protesters would be reduced to ashes.”

Hamidati revealed a plan to “demonize” the rapid support from individuals within the military system 3 days after the military council received the ruling at the time. He said: “Later we will mention these details by name.”

“We tried to mediate in Libya.”

To that, he said: “We refused to visit the Qatari foreign minister to not inform us in advance,” stressing that “Sudan’s relations with the world are based on common interests and do not line up in any axis.”

Hamidati explained that “accusing the RSF of involvement in Libya is part of a campaign to demonize it,” adding: “We tried to mediate in Libya, but some parties did not accept our initiative.”

He also pointed out that “the allegation of the existence of fighters from the rapid support in Libya is false and baseless.”

He stressed that “the presence of the Sudanese forces in Yemen aims to support legitimacy and we are not mercenaries.”

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