Ramadan Sobhi awaits Udinese offer after the return of the Italian League


Ramadan Sobhi is awaiting the renewal of the Italian club Udinese, their negotiations to annex him after the end of his loan period to Al-Ahly by the end of the current season and his return to his original club Huddersfield English, and it is scheduled that the Italian League will return on June 13, and thus life and football will return there, and Ramadan Sobhi reserves to move to the bay or league The Turkish after receiving an offer from Besiktas, where the international wing wants to play in one of the major leagues or remain in Al-Ahly, and Al-Ahly officials depend on the rest of the club’s dues with Stoke City in the sale of Ramadan Sobhi, to finance the deals that the club intends to Bramha during the next summer transfer window, and meet the needs of the Swiss Rene Feiler Technical Director of the team.

Al-Ahly management sold Ramadan Sobhy To Stoke City in the summer of 2016, specifically in July, and the English club refused to send the remaining value of Al-Ahly’s dues based on a judicial ruling reached by him in favor of a company, and the current Al-Ahly administration succeeded in obtaining a ruling to nullify the fine in May 2018 and its consequences However, the company that used to run Al-Ahly did not accept the ruling and appealed the nullity ruling according to the aforementioned appeal, but the appeal was rejected and the matter ended up not being fined by Al-Ahly so that the curtain is completely closed to the crisis.

Al-Ahly has 2.5 million pounds (about 45 million Egyptian pounds) in the Stock City club from the total value of the deal, which totaled five million pounds at the time, which is the amount that the administration seeks a lot in the summer deals file.

Al-Ahly wants to support its ranks with at least three players to meet the needs of Rene Fyler in the centers of righteousness, the right back and the attacking wing, while the Al-Ahly administration finds a crisis in physical liquidity at the present time due to the repercussions of the Corona virus, which negatively affected the economies of all clubs in the world and not in Egypt Just.


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