Ramadan stories .. “8 + 1” Zamoranos trick to wearing his favorite shirt


“This idea came to me, when Inter Milan, the best player in the world (Brazilian Ronaldo) arrived in Inter Milan and had to give up the number 9 shirt I would have liked.” Thus, former Chilean striker Ivan Zamorano mentioned the reason behind wearing the No. 8 (1) shirt.

Zamorano was famous in Inter for his unique shirt, the Chilean player was wearing the No. 9 shirt and with Ronaldo arriving at Inter Milan, Zamorano had to give up his favorite shirt for the Brazilian player, to come up with an innovative trick to wear the shirt he preferred.

The Chilean striker tells: “The sports director, Sandro Mazola, asked me to choose a number that could be added to 9, so I asked him: Can I put a plus sign between two numbers totaling 9?”

“Mazula did not like the matter,” he said. “No, I told him, why not. All we have to do is submit a request to allow us to do that.”

Zamorano continues his story: “I spoke to club president Massimo Moratti, who applied for the Italian federation and we got approval, so I played while I was wearing the 8 + 1 shirt, a total of 9 so I would not give up my favorite shirt.”

Zamorano began his career with the ball in a small club called “Cupresal”, and played with him five seasons, during which he scored only eight goals in 31 meetings.

He then caught the eye when he loaned out to the “Trasandino” club, where he participated in 29 confrontations in which he scored 27 goals.

In 1988 he had a professional experience in Switzerland through Saint Gallen, he starred with the team over three seasons (he scored 34 goals in 56 meetings).

In 1990, Seville succeeded in annexing the Chilean striker, and after two seasons Real Madrid got its services and did not disappoint the hopes of the royal fans during the 4 seasons he spent among the walls of the Bernabeu.

Zamorano did not win with the Royal many titles at the collective level, he achieved the League Championship (once), the cup (once) and the local super (once), but on the individual level he achieved many numbers, as he was crowned top scorer in La Liga in the 1994/95 season with 27 goals, as he He won the award for best Latin player in Spain.

After his trip to Spain, Zamorano went through several other experiments until his retirement in July 2003, the most prominent of which was the Italian experience by joining Inter Milan at the beginning of the 1996/97 season.

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