Ramadan stories .. Ruling expelling himself


A football match is not played without a referee, and there must be 4 main referees in the match, namely: the referee of the arena, the referee of the flag (assistants) and the fourth referee, and sometimes there are two additional referees (except that they are not supported except in some European leagues and the European Champions League to determine the goal and strike The penalty).

The referee of the arena is the one entrusted with making all decisions on the field – according to the laws and regulations enacted by the game’s international federation – whether by counting mistakes, penalty kicks, corner kicks and advertising cards … etc.

And it has been the practice, that the referee in charge of managing any match by announcing the cards, whether yellow or red, in the face of the players or the technical staff of the two competing teams when committing a mistake, but have you ever seen a referee who expels himself ?!

In 2005 Andy Wynn was commissioned to manage a match between Peterborough North End and Royal Mill on Sunday (this is a description of the affiliate football associations that play on Sunday, instead of the usual Saturday and these leagues tend to be amateurs rather than professionals).

The game witnessed many objections from the players on the referee’s decisions, and in one of the joint balls, North Mac goalkeeper Richard McGavin protested against the goal of the opposing team. If by virtue of the match, he whistled and rushed towards the goalkeeper and punched him in the eye.

Wayne announced the red card to himself, and he had no alternative and did not complete the match, and after the meeting, the referee admitted his mistake, confirming that he was suffering from personal pressure before the match and he should not have taken over.

“It was too late,” Wen says. “I realized I had to quit managing the match. My behavior was not entirely professional. If a player did what I did, I would red-carded him in the face, so I kicked myself out.”

Another incident was champion referee Melvin Silvestre, who directed a match between Southampton Arms and Horstbourne Tarrant in Sunday’s League.

The referee assaulted one of the players who provoked him during the match, and directed several punches.

“I was very agitated, I couldn’t bear more, I punched him several times and emptied my energy,” says Silvestre.

Sylvester was fined financially (£ 20) after being suspended for 6 weeks by the Hampshire Football Association.

The decision did not appeal to Sylvester, who commented: “I am angry, the Disciplinary Committee condemned me without regard for the circumstances in which I was subjected. They stood on the side of the player.”

** Note: “The fourth referee shall have the right to replace the arbiter’s referee if the latter suffers any injury or position that hinders him from completing the match.”


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