Ramadan was concluded at Safinaz, and I ran on the sea in the water


The dancer Safinaz published a new photo of her in front of the sea, accompanied by her friend through her personal account on the social networking site to exchange photos and videos on Instagram.

The photos won the admiration of many of her followers and received many comments, the most prominent of which are as follows:


Honey, my net

Illuminate and God

It is noteworthy that the actress Safinaz and singer Menna Attia have finished filming the clip “All is sweet” inside Al Samnoudi studio, which is the first show duet that brings them together and is scheduled to be shown on a satellite channel next week.

The theme of the song revolves around a smile, hope and ambition to the imam, leaving worries and avoiding problems in order to desire peace of mind, in a quick enthusiastic framework.

It is worth noting that the clip, “All is sweet”, was produced by Al-Rahil Company, by producer Amin Al Rayyan, and by the words of Walid Riyad, composed by Essam Ismail, photographer Mahmoud Moody, art producer Tito Al-Sheikh, and distributed by Islam Chitos and directed by Haitham Antar.



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