Ramy Sabry recalls his memories in front of Al-Ahly … and Shima Saber comments, “We won you.”


Rami Sabry, the defender of the Enppi Club, recalled the memories of the Al-Ahly club, with a set of photos via his personal account on the Instagram site, where his media wife, Shima Saber, commented on the pictures saying, “I was in the stands today, and I was encouraging Al-Ahly of course, and we won you,” and the duo had They recently celebrated their wedding in a family party gathering some close friends only, in light of the stopping of sporting activity and the application of the social spacing system due to the spread of the new Corona epidemic, which swept many countries of the world and caused the Egyptian league to stop since last March.

Ramy Sabry
Ramy Sabry

On the other hand, Helmy Tulan, coach of the Enppi team, confirmed that he supports the return of the league this season after a long pause, saying, “I hope the activity will return, the trend now in the world is to deal with the disease, and in Egypt we started taking the same path.”

He added, in television statements to the program “The third audienceWith the media, Ibrahim Fayek on On Sport 2, “The 3-week preparation period is not sufficient at all, because the stopping period will be more than two months, so we need a longer period of preparation.”

Tolan stressed that the physical condition of the players at the present time does not exceed 10%, indicating that the clubs need to reach 85% in order to return to resume activities and matches.

The committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Federation headed by Amr Al-Janini is studying the procedures that should be available in the event of a resumption of football activity, by reviewing a number of “scenarios” for the return of activity in light of the daily changes of the reports of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.


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