Rania Youssef advises girls on her magic skin .. Get to know her


The artist participated Raniya Yousif Her audience of girls as a skin freshness, through her account on the “Instagram” website, where she appeared in a video clip during the work of a recipe and explained its components, commenting on the video saying: “And perhaps we have not got the Korantina in Torina and our seats are at home also on the feast .. We complete with you recipes how to take care of ourselves Zest and we are at home, and today the day worked as a way to preserve the skin. Check out the video and tell me, how are you, how to preserve your skin while you are sitting at home? “

Raniya Yousif
Raniya Yousif

The star Rania Youssef shared her fans on the social networking site Instagram, a video practicing morning sport, in her garden, where she published a video while she practiced the “hula hoop”, a type of sport that depends on spinning a circle around the body.

Rania Youssef posted the video and commented on it, “Good morning and activity … Come back to childhood days. One of the sweetest needs that was in it is the Hula Hoop … an easy and simple sport that helps us preserve our agility … who can play it … Come on, text the Hula Hope hour”

The star, Rania Youssef, saluted Egypt’s doctors and medical teams, all of them nurses and health workers, for their major role in the current crisis because of the spread of the Corona virus, and published a video through her account on the website “Instagram”, in which she says: “Greetings to all the heroes of the white army who protect us .. We were knowing that we had one army, but today we discovered that we have two armies … the white army fights for my sake and greetings with all my heart and everywhere and honor for each martyr. “

It is mentioned that the last works of Rania Youssef in the TV drama series “Kingdom of the Devil”, and co-starring Ghada Adel and Salwa Khattab and Iman Al-Asi, in addition to a group of young people such as Khaled Anwar and Medo Adel and others, written by Muhammad Amin Radi and directed by Ahmed Khaled Musa.


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