Regulations expert: Zamalek Club is the true champion of the Horn of Africa


Regulations expert Mohamed Bayoumi confirmed that Zamalek Club is the true champion of the Horn of Africa and not the National and that the points system was not established in 1994, adding: “The system of points of identification of the Horn of Africa Club was not defined in 1994, and that the International Federation reached the federations with the award in 1999 and left for the federations Defining the champion according to their vision, “and that the Confederation of African Football” CAF “clearly complimented the red club by granting it the title of the Horn of Africa because of the points method set by Mostafa Mourad Fahmy, the Confederation of the African Union and a member of the Al-Ahly club at the same time.

The regulations expert said during an intervention with the media Khaled Al-Ghandour on the “Zamalkawi” program broadcast on a channel Zamalek The key to knowing the true champion of the century is to search for the team of the century in Africa, which was achieved by Cameroon and not Egypt, despite our eligibility for the award, and there is a document from the African Union that came out saying that Zamalek is the champion of the century and the second Al-Ahly. Al-Ahly, the regulations expert said: It is not permissible for a person to combine the Secretary of the African Union with the membership of any other club.

While Khaled Al-Ghandour stressed: The goal of Hassan Shehata in Al-Ahly is not an arbitration mistake in my belief, but by an actor, Mohamed Helmy Zamora, President of Zamalek Club announced his withdrawal from the league and gave the players a month’s rest and some statesmen persuaded the Zamalek president to withdraw from the withdrawal and returned to play the contractors match after 40 One day after Al-Ahly tied with Al-Minya and the league was settled, so after 5 players played, including Hassan Shehata, he played and lost 2/1.

Al-Ghandour added that Al-Ahly took the first African Championship in its history because of this league that Zamalek deserved, and also caused Al-Khatib’s brilliance in this tournament to obtain the award for the best player in Africa.

On the issue of the century, Al-Ghandour said: “The days of the title of the century did not have a channel and we had a weak club president and everyone was in one direction, but now is not, and all media people say any words about the title of the century champion.”


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