Renaissance Dam negotiations and anti-Corona headlines


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Wednesday 27 May 2020

Cairo – (ASA):
The phone call that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi received from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Egyptian-Sudanese-Ethiopian talks to resume the Renaissance Dam negotiations, concerns of Cairo newspapers issued this morning, along with local affairs news, on top of which is the date of starting the payment of June pensions, and the statements of the Minister of Education Technical education on the features of the high school system for the next year.
In the front page of the newspaper “Al-Gomhoria” and under the title “The President receives congratulations on the occasion of the Prime Minister of India,” the newspaper quoted the Presidential Spokesman, Ambassador Bassam Radhi, as saying that the Indian Prime Minister congratulated the President – by phone – on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, stressing His country’s pride in the extended ties and close ties it has with Egypt, and we value the outstanding political weight that Egypt exercises in a balanced manner at the regional and international levels.
The newspaper pointed out that President Al-Sisi thanked the Prime Minister of India for this kind gesture, praising the distinguished bilateral historical relations between Egypt and India, stressing Egypt’s keenness to push forward the frameworks of bilateral cooperation at various levels, especially with regard to the commercial, investment and medical level.
The Republic, quoting a presidential spokesperson, stated that the contact dealt with exchanging views on a number of issues of bilateral relations, especially with regard to experiences and best practices of the two countries to combat and contain the repercussions of the spread of the new Corona virus.
As for Al-Ahram newspaper, it was mentioned, under the title “Three-way talks to resume negotiations of the Renaissance Dam”, that the Sudanese Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Yasser Abbas held two separate meetings (from a distance) with Dr. Mohamed Baad al-Ati, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, and he will be asked to speak to the Ethiopian Minister of Water To discuss arrangements for the resumption of the Renaissance Dam negotiations soon, in the presence of two members of the technical negotiation delegation from each of the three countries, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.
The newspaper pointed out that the Sudanese Ministry of Irrigation confirmed – in a statement – that the two meetings were held according to the outputs of the meetings of Dr. Abdullah Hamdock, the Sudanese Prime Minister, days ago with his Egyptian and Ethiopian counterparts, as water ministers in the three countries were assigned to start arrangements to resume negotiations on the Renaissance Dam as soon as possible.
Under the title “Measures to protect the elderly when the pension is paid out,” the Republic highlighted the announcement of the Minister of Social Solidarity Nevin Kabbaj to provide all pensions for cards issued by the National Social Security Authority from ATMs as of Monday morning, the first of June.
The newspaper quoted the minister as saying that, in continuation of the state plan to face the challenge of the Corona virus, the commission continues to take many measures to ensure the safety of citizens during the exchange from inside the outlets and post offices.
She pointed out that the pensioners who earn 1000 pounds, who number 2.4 million due, will spend their pension on Monday and Tuesday 1-2 from June. As for more than 1,000 pounds up to 2000 pounds, they number 2.4 million due to be paid on Wednesday and Thursday 3-4 of the same month, and for more than From 2000 pounds to 3000 pounds exchange for them on Sundays and Mondays 7-8, and more than 3000 and those who fail to exchange will pay their pensions as of Tuesday, June 9.
The newspaper stated that the transferred pensions are disbursed to banks for pensioners and their beneficiaries, who are about 1.68 million due, with a total value of approximately 4.45 billion pounds, as of Monday, June 1.
Under the title “Continuous bifurcation and electronic examinations in the secondary school next year”, the newspaper “Al-Ahram” highlighted the statements of the Minister of Education and Technical Education Dr. Tariq Shawqi on the features of the system of study in the secondary school for the next year, during which he explained that bifurcation to science science and science sports , Continuing for the third secondary school class in the next academic year 2020-2021 without change; Given the exceptional circumstances.
The newspaper stated that the Minister indicated that the Ministry allowed the first secondary school students to define the department for the next academic year, as the student will choose between the scientific and literary divisions in preparation for the next academic year in the second general secondary class, provided that the division is electronically selected on the sites of schools and educational directorates even before The start of the new school year on August 30.
“Al-Ahram” quoted the minister’s assertion that coordination will continue for the next year without any change, and that it is not correct to cancel coordination in entering universities, and that the final total of high school grades is 410 degrees as it is, provided that students perform exams next year according to the old branching with the tests held electronically so far .
On the economic front, the newspaper “Al-Akhbar” dealt with the Minister of Finance, Dr. Muhammad Moait, discussing the Customs Authority’s plan to deal with the repercussions of the Corona crisis, especially in the absence of a time period that can be estimated for the end of this epidemic in Egypt or the world, and its emphasis on the importance of a serious endeavor to achieve an effective balance between Preserving the health of citizens and continuing the wheel of production while adhering to strict precautionary measures.
Under the title “Finance: Priority in Customs Sites for Strategic Goods”, the newspaper pointed to the Minister’s directive to give advanced priority to customs sites for strategic goods, including basic foodstuffs or complementary materials used in food production, public health products, medical supplies and equipment, in addition to fuel Perishable goods and production requirements for the industrial sector.
“Al-Akhbar” reported that the Minister of Finance indicated the necessity of expanding the use of the pre-clearance system and increasing the number of centers designated for that according to the geographical scope of those dealing with customs, so that the owners of certificates registered with pre-clearance have advantages, including the priority of the role in customs sites.

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