Report .. Corona changed nothing in the German league


As if the clubs of the German first division did not stop their activities for two months, so they returned in an exceptional atmosphere to show their levels as they were last March.

And the outbreak of the newly created Corona virus has stopped spherical activity in most parts of the world since last March, before the German government agreed to resume the first and second class competitions on Saturday.

Many football experts around the world expected that the map of competitions to resume after the isolation of players and their coaches in their homes for a long period of time, won many of their physical and mental levels, but this did not happen at all in Bundesliga.

The situation remains as it is, so the Bundesliga ranking table has stabilized, after the twenty-sixth round competitions are almost over, with a single confrontation remaining at the age of the first rounds of the contest’s resumption stage scheduled to end next June.

The first confrontations that confirmed the return of most of the German competition teams in the state that the competition stopped in last March was the confrontation of the derby rover between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke, in which Dortmund swept his guest with a clean quad.

The yellow team was in a distinct state before the competition stopped, and achieved a series of victories that made him the closest leaders of Bayern Munich, and scored two valuable victories before the outbreak of Corona, at the expense of Borussia Moenchengladbach and Freiburg.

Schalke, in turn, was clearly suffering from bleeding points before stopping, and suffered a humiliating defeat in the last week of February with five clean goals in front of Leipzig, to continue to decline after the return.

Leader Bayern Munich achieved a new win with a clean double over Union Berlin, which concluded the twenty-sixth round, and confirmed that he was not affected by past events, to successfully dominate the top of the table.

Borussia Moenchengladbach also maintained his place in the summit race, defeating Eintracht Frankfurt with three goals to a goal, to keep the six-point difference behind the Bavarian team, advancing to third place, which keeps their hopes in a fierce struggle for the title.

As the series of wasting points started with two consecutive draws before Corona stopped, Leipzig returned to waste two new points, in a tie with Freiburg, which widened the difference between him and Bayern Munich to seven points, and pushed him to fourth place, after he was my closest leader after just two rounds of stopping competitions.

The 17th (second-to-last) Werder Bremen team will meet fifth-ranked Bayer Leverkusen at 8:30 pm tomorrow, Monday, at the end of the 26th round.


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