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Friday 01 May 2020

Books – Muhammad Yusri Murshid:

Al-Ahly club has been associated with many names to support its ranks in the upcoming transfer period, which has not yet been determined due to stopping sporting activity due to the Corona pandemic.

The last of the names that were associated with the Congolese Al-Ahly young man, Jackson Molica, is the Congolese Mazembe striker, according to the American “ESPN” network, but a desirable source denied to “Masrawy” the negotiations from the beginning.

The source, who declined to be identified, said: “We in Al-Ahly are accustomed to having the club’s name involved in any deal, perhaps to Al-Ahly’s popularity, and with time, the veracity of our talk of not negotiating with this or that is proven.”

Molika has preceded several names, the most important of which are:

1- Baghdad Bounjah

In the last two years, the name of the Algerian international striker, Baghdad Bounajah, is related to Al-Ahly, in light of his remarkable brilliance and the need of the Cairo giant to support the attacker’s position, but every time the deal that was described as “the century” does not take place.

Mohamed Abu Trika, the legend of Al-Ahly and the national team, wished a year ago, the success of the red giant, with the presence of Turki Al-Sheikh in the honorary presidency, raising the ceiling of ambitions with some speculation and reports linking the Algerian striker’s encouragement to Al-Ahly and the latter’s desire to win a strong striker to conclude the deal.

The Algerian newspaper “Fennecfootball” indicated last month that Al-Ahly made a huge offer to contract with Bounajah, but Emir Tawfiq, the contract manager, denied this news after he denied it last November before the winter transfer period.

2- Amr Al-Somah

Another deal, which is described as “Deal of the Century”, which runs along the same road to Baghdad, Punjah. Omar Al-Soma, the star of the Ahly Jeddah team, is a name associated with all Mercato and the deal is not completed.

The name of the brilliant Syrian striker since the winter transfer period of 2018 was associated with the conquest of Turki Al-Sheikh assuming the honorary presidency of Al-Ahly and considering the Syrian player a local player.

Amir Tawfiq denied to the German news agency, last January, Al-Ahly’s entry into negotiations with Al-Sumah, praising the player’s capabilities and value.

3- Ahmed Al-Shennawi

Once again, the name of El-Shenawy, the Pyramids keeper, returned to Al-Ahly after his club signed Ahmed Fathi and approached Sharif Ekrami.

Some reports stated that Al-Ahly is seeking to respond to the Pyramids contract with its star Ahmed Fathi and the departure of Takhrami, and got the signature of Ahmed El-Shennawi, which was denied by the player to “On Sport” and the Red Club together.

Feiler had announced to the same channel in his dialogue at the end of last March that he did not need to contract a new guard in the presence of Mohamed El Shennawi, the first guard and his replacement, Ali Lotfi and Mostafa Choubert, the third guard.

Despite Fyler’s assertions, Al-Ahly’s name was also associated with Mahdi Suleiman, the second guard of Pyramids and Amer Amer, the war production guardian, which was denied and described as “proxy words” that have no basis.

4- Gaston Serenio

The name of the Uruguayan star, Gaston Serenio, was linked to Al-Ahly, after news of his signing by Al-Ahmar on the recommendation of his Swiss coach, Rene Weiler.

Amir Tawfiq denied negotiating with Serenio, indicating that the matter did not go beyond inquiring about a good striker like Uruguayans by virtue of his work following up the distinguished players.

5- Ahmed Hegazy

Since the departure of Ahmed Hegazy to become a professional in the English West Bromwich Albion, his name is linked in every period of transfers to Al-Ahly and back again, the last of which was last month.

According to a source close to the player, he received new negotiations from the Pyramids club in order to obtain his services during the next summer transfer period, but Hijazi’s desire was to return to Al-Ahly if he made a decision to return to Egypt.

Hejazi did not sign for Al-Ahly, as he aims to continue his career in England, after returning to the basic formation – before stopping – and does not consider returning to Egypt.

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