Reports: 4 obstacles prevent Raja from including blacksmiths


Moroccan reports revealed the obstacles that might face Raja if he decides to contract Hamid Haddad, the Zamalek player and loaned to the Moroccan team until the end of the season.

Haddad moved to the ranks of Raja early this season on loan from Zamalek.

Some reports had indicated that Raja wanted to sign Haddad permanently from the white team.

For its part, the Moroccan newspaper “Al-Mukhtab” monitored 4 obstacles that might stand in the way of achieving the wish of hope.

The newspaper said that the first obstacle is the financial value that Zamalek wants to obtain is high for the Moroccan team, especially with the economic crisis experienced by the clubs during the current period because of the cessation of activity after the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The “national team” added that the second hurdle that might affect the Zamalek negotiations is that the White Castle requires a sum of $ 200,000 if one participates in any match in the Moroccan team’s shirt against his Egyptian counterpart.

The Moroccan newspaper pointed out that the two teams are scheduled to meet in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, and in light of Zamalek’s adherence to the terms of the contract, these differences may affect the negotiations to complete the deal.

The third obstacle that the “national team” monitored is the other offers received by Haddad, especially the Gulf ones, which may make it difficult for Raja to obtain Haddad’s services.

The last hurdle is the renewal of Mohsen Mitwalli, the player of the team, as the Raja administration sees his priority during the upcoming summer transfer period.

And she concluded that the Raja administration is sparing all its capabilities to put it in front of Metwally to persuade him to stay with the Moroccan team.


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