Revealing the wages of the stars of the Ramadan series 2020


List of wages for stars of Ramadan series 2020 Curiosity about the wages received by the series’ champions during the Ramadan season in particular is always infiltrated by the viewers, as it is one of the most watched seasons throughout the year, and because the participants in it are “first grade” stars.According to “In Art”, Adel Imam topped the list of Ramadan 2020 drama wages with a wage of 40 million pounds, for the series “Valentino, Whose filming has been postponed since last year.

By a large difference, the artist Mohamed Ramadan came second, with a wage of 18 million pounds for his role in the series “Prince, In which he returns to cooperate with the director Mohamed Sami after several successes, including the series “The Legend.”

In view of the great success gained from his embodiment of the role of the strict police officer in his work “Salim Al Ansari” in the “Kalbash” series in its three parts, the artist Amir Kararas shares increased, and therefore his wages increased to 11 million pounds over his latest series “The Choice”, which is inspired by events Real.

This allows many From the Arabic electronic platforms, Ramadan 2020 series immediately after the episode is presented, where you can follow it at any time throughout the day, with the quality that you choose, here are the most important Arab platforms:time“Platform”See. Net“Platform”Watch It


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