Robot welcomes patients with mild symptoms of corona at a Japanese hotel


A hotel in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, used a robot to receive patients with minor symptoms, to provide support and encouragement, as well as warning and reprimand sometimes, so that one does not feel lonely in the quarantine, and among the messages that the robot “Bieber” repeats to patients waiting to finish their quarantine in the hotel, ” You cannot fight the Corona virus without eating, please eat your food to recover. “

Local authorities are cooperating with hotels to secure rooms for people with HIV with slight symptoms, hoping to free up additional places in pressurized hospitals.

In one of these hotels, patients will deal with a white “Pepper” robot, which takes the form of a human with a tablet attached to its facade, showing a face with a mask.

“The patients are quarantined for two weeks, so we use robots to help them psychologically and lift their spirits,” Tokyo government authorities spokesperson Naoko Kubota told reporters..

The authorities have so far contracted with 5 hotels in Tokyo, ensuring 2,800 rooms for patients.

“Since patients with Covid-19 cannot communicate with an actual person, the robot is the solution,” said Kan Quota, director of marketing for the robot manufacturer Softbank..

Pepper and his assistant interact with patients in the reception hall and at mealtimes with reassuring messages such as “I’m here to help you, please rest a lot while you are here to recover!”, With physical doctors and nurses watching over patient health.

The hotel is also testing a cleaning robot that will operate in the reception lounge without human assistance, and use robots across the world to help fight the epidemic (Covid-19) by sterilizing facilities, delivering food and conducting checks.


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