Rumors chased Abu Dahkah Jinan Ismail Yassin … and he did not die poor .. on the anniversary of his death


Rumors still circulate to the star of the comedy today Ismail YassinOn Sunday, the anniversary of his death, as he departed from our world on May 24, 1972, with a heart attack at one in the morning, after his arrival from Alexandria, and the first of these rumors that he died poor after the Tax Authority demanded his earnings arrears in previous years, as was booked on the building that He owned it, and his family found no money to bury.

The rumor that Samia Shaheen, wife of the late director Yassin Ismail Yassin, said in televised statements, that he did not die poor, and the last apartment in which Ismail Yassin lived was 7 rooms and a hall..

Samia confirmed that Ismail Yassin, when he took the taxes of his money without his knowledge, and whose value was 300 thousand pounds, he suffered from paralysis, but he traveled to Lebanon and made a lot of money, then he returned to Egypt, and at that time a squeeze on the artists occurred, so he sang monologues, and he did not reach the state of begging .

She explained: “People claimed that they existed on the day of his death, or that he had borrowed money from them, all of them liars, because he died suddenly in Alexandria, he suffered depression after the death of his companion, the director, Fatin Abdel Wahab, who died 10 days before him, and fell in front of the apartment door“.

Sarah Yassin Ismail, the granddaughter of the late artist Ismail Yassin, denied these rumors, through an old publication on the social networking site Facebook, and said: “Ismail Yassin, the last period, was finding it difficult that he worked in cinema like the first and the reason was that there were people in art at the time they were A reason for his distance from the cinema.

And she added, “Oh, of course, his financial conditions were affected because he was spending on cast The one who was working in his theater even when they would not be exposed when the theater stood alone .. Uh, buried in the burials of his property, because there were no burials in Cairo..

Despite his difficult financial circumstances at the end of his days, she denied that he had suffered from poverty, saying: Ismail Yassin died hidden and covered his family after him.

She concluded: “I wish we can verify the information that we share and think that the word is a responsibility, especially that it relates to the lives of people and their families … Our Lord forgives all of our dead and lives in His vast paradise.”.

The second rumor that chased Ismail Yassin was the demise of his star in the 1960s because of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, after he gave a joke about him that he did not like, but the widow of the late director Ismail Yassin, denied in television statements that Nasser was a cause in the overthrow of her protection from Ismail Yassin from the throne Comedy.

Ismail Yassin’s granddaughter confirmed that her father was a friend of the sons of Gamal Abdel Nasser in the school, and they exchanged visits in their homes, and the widow of Ismail Yassin’s son revealed that a sovereign figure intentionally ended the legend of Ismail Yassin in order to prepare the scene for the emergence of Fouad Al-Muhandis.


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