Ryan Geller, Lamy Al-Aidan, defending Muhammad Ramadan:


The star of Saudi social media, Ryan Geller, attacked the Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan, defending the Egyptian artist Mohammed Ramadan after insulting him and his father.

He said in a video posted on his accounts on social networks: “You smell his looks and say what you fear, you look at yourself in the mirror?”

He added: “You insulted me while I was sick, but it is not fair. I insulted you in something. There is no call in it like your form. May God heal you without form or morals.

Al-Eidan published a picture that collected Ramadan and his father, saying: “For the first time, a picture of Muhammad Ramadan with his father and what his father khir ‘”, before deleting it about the followers’ attack against it.

It is noteworthy that the sticks did not hesitate last January, to ridicule him through her account on the application of photos and videos “Instagram”. Commenting, she wrote: “Ryan Geller in one of the worlds is subjected to a stroke and sits filming and crying and is martyred. Baba, who is stuck in a clot, does not move from his place, so he is not photographed and he is sitting and crying without tears.”

She added: “We got rid of my father’s predecessor, someone who embraces me as my father’s family, and once I do not know what to do with his problem, that he is dead to attract people’s attention, but he knows that people see him as a teenager who does not have any maturity.”


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