Saad Samir’s brother leaves the hospital and is out of action for 3 months


Mohamed Samir Saad, a defender of the Rookie Army, just left the hospital after having a broken arm surgery yesterday to be absent for three months after being injured before the competition stopped, and the player preferred to take advantage of the interruption of spherical activity due to the outbreak of the Corona virus to perform the surgery and put slices and nails in his hand So that he can return to training gradually, and he can catch part of his team’s matches this season if the country makes a decision to resume sports activity, especially as it needs many precautionary and medical measures.

Earlier he said Mohamed Samir Saad In exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, “I played in the ranks of the army early 6 years ago, and after I came to the club only three years ago, Al-Ahly sent an official fax to the first-generation administration to join me after they saw me in the junior games, but the club administration refused to dispense with me.”

Regarding his ambition in the coming period, Mohamed Samir said, “I practice myself outside Egypt, like Mohamed Salah and Trezeguet, and I was promoted to the first team for the pioneers since the beginning of the season and play in the ranks of the youth team under the leadership of Rabih Yassin and determined to continue the journey of diligence until I reach the ranks of the first team.” “The idols of me are locally represented by Saad Samir and internationally Ramos,” said Vanguards of the Pioneers of the Army.

Regarding his relationship with his brother, Saad Samir, the defenders of the army’s leaders said: “Saad is the one who educates me and always gives me a tired and tired effort so that our Lord honors me, and by learning from him every need he has gone through a difficult period in injury and, God willing, he will come again to break the world again.”

On the dumps made by his brother, Saad Samir, Al-Taleea’s guns commented: “I am the one who made dumps in it and saved the fruit bowl with his salads, and his friends Trezeguet and Ramadan Sobhi said that you will remain better than Saad Samir.”

Regarding facing Saad Samir on the field, Al-Tale’aa defender said: “I have not played against Saad until now, but if it happens I will play very well.”

On the other hand, Abdel-Hamid Basyouni, Technical Director of the Army’s Advantages, asked Colonel Mohamed El Mahdy, Director of the Junior Sector in his club, the need to nominate a number of promising elements in the various centers in preparation for their use with the return of football activity, especially that Bassiouny believes in the need to give the opportunity to young people early to gain experience and benefit the team With the resort to the policy of buying and selling deals in a very limited scope, Abdel Hamid Basyouni and his associates are discussing the plan to prepare for the return of the league competition in anticipation of the announcement of the quinquennial committee in the Football Association at the decision to return the competition at any time, and Bassiouni is consulting with the assisting staff about Jerk the plan to prepare for the return of training and the date of the friendly matches to prepare the players, technically and physically, for the return of the activity after a long pause for fear of spreading the Corona virus.


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