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Imam al-Tayyib, the sheikh of al-Azhar, called him, saying, “He was never late to help those in need because he is one of the pioneers of charitable work. He knew about him quickly to humanitarian and charitable works. He died in the last ten days and he prayed Tarawih in the days of freedom from fire.”

He used to see that all professions are honorable as long as they are permissible, and that most of God’s prophets had a letter like carpentry and shepherd the sheep and blacksmithing so are we better than them, and he sees that the reconstruction of the earth is the greatest worship, and the employment of people is the greatest obedience and the best that we offer to them, and that God will please others because you are It is better than them, but because you create halal work opportunities for them. If you do not provide them with these opportunities, your preference will be lost on them. It is a preference for giving rather than for taking, and this is part of the meaning of God Almighty saying “to take some of them ridicule”, he hated bureaucracy and routine, and he always loves change and renewal, and he repeats what is always I was created to be just a routine manager, and if he succeeded in the field of searching for success in others, he used to think that the Arab and Muslim countries should be like the compact structures tightening each other, and he liked to invest in them despite the difficulties, obstacles and bureaucracy in them, so he invested in 42 of them, and preferred them over others, He was from a generation dreaming of complete Arab unity, so his dream of unity was extinguished, when he saw division and fighting everywhere, and he contented himself with the smallest possible dream, which is the common Arab market. He saw that bureaucracy and corruption represent the greatest danger to economic cooperation and distributed investment. Leave among them, and the most dangerous corruption if it affects the judiciary, he used to see that his parents and Sheikh Al-Shaarawy are his greatest teachers, and he recalls to Al-Shaarawi his saying “the Islamic meanings are summed up in the Almighty’s saying” and whoever fears God makes him a way out * and provides him with a lot of wealth, If Zakat was applied with a correct economic perspective, it was the best economic plan in the world that a human mind could not put in like. He established on these ideas with Prince Muhammad Al-Faisal and Sheikh Saeed Al-Watta, Dubai Islamic Bank, Faisal Bank, Al-Baraka Bank.

He is the best person to talk about the jurisprudence of Zakat, the way of collecting and investing it at the country level, and the best who talks about Islamic economics, and he is the one who revived this science in the Arab region, and he is the founder of the Saleh Kamel Center for Islamic Economics at Al-Azhar University and spent on his studies, and he is the founder of the first read channel An Islamic channel specialized in several languages ​​that brought about a breakthrough in religious discourse and carried the message of middle civilization of Islam. He used to see that Saudi Arabia and Egypt have an eternal relationship, so they are mentioned together in Surat Al-Teen, in which they have developed years and the honest country. His commercial sense began from his childhood when he asked his mother to cook for him. Balaila »He sold it to his friends when he was eight, and he started trading until he arrived at the university, and he offered to print the notes of the professors. This was the first university study publication in Saudi Arabia that he bought from his previous trade money and he was the first to trade in sportswear, boy scout clothes and tools in Saudi Arabia: He was the leader of the student movement and everyone knew until The Minister of Education, “King Fahd at the time,” used to say to the youth that you can dream a big dream, but when implementing, work according to your energy and beware that you will achieve your dream once, add in each new day, it is not a shame to fail, but the defect is to repeat etc. Step twice, you must add new things every day. If you do not, then there is no meaning to your life. The keys to success are three: knowing yourself and discovering yourself. Some reach forty and do not know himself. The second is the fear of God and the third is the consent of parents.

He retired years before his death from working in his companies, which had reached 360 companies, to give his children the opportunity to work and experiment without fear and to train in that .. A day passed, except for the womb of a sick person, or he helped a poor person, or raised a family or … or …. from charity .. Even two days before his death, he had saved two seriously ill patients

May God have mercy on him, broad mercy .. And peace be upon the people of charity everywhere.

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