Salzburg coach: Salah is “explosive” … and Minamino has the same abilities


11:03 am

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Books – Ahmed Sharif:

Jesse Marsch, coach of the Austrian Red Bull Salzburg Club, confirmed that he does not prefer that former team player Takumi Minaminho, who moved to Liverpool, play in the winger position.

And Marsh said in statements via a live broadcast posted by France 24 website that Minamino does not possess the capabilities that enable him to describe what he described as a “kinetic explosion” such as the duo Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane.

The Salzburg coach said: “Minamino is not as explosive as Salah and Mani, but he has physical capabilities, a very smart player, that is, a player who may need time to demonstrate his capabilities.”

He continued: “It is better that Minamino not play in the same position as Salah and Mani during the matches, because they always use explosive movement, which is not what the Japanese have.”

He concluded, “I prefer that Minamino play in the same position as Firmino. He is always ready to be under pressure, and he can also be present as a playmaker at No. 10 to get the ball and go forward to score goals.”

It is worth noting that Minamino was a player in the ranks of Salzburg until Liverpool contracted him during the last winter transfer window.


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