“Sanofi” begins clinical studies of corona serum … and clinical trials soon


Dr. Nepal Dahaba, the regional director of the Sanofi Pasteur company, French, revealed the details of the company reaching to decipher the genetic code of the Corona virus, and told “the seventh day” that the company started since last February its research on the Corona virus, since the official announcement of its appearance in the Chinese city of Wuhan , As the company has the largest headquarters in China.

Dr. Nepal Dahaba said that the company, as a specialist in the manufacture of serums, was heading towards the search for a vaccine for corona, so she went to work in partnership with the “Barda Corporation of America”, which is the scientific research arm of American health, and another American company was purchased that had started manufacturing Serum for SARS, knowing that SARS is from the same family of Corona virus, and through this partnership we started to develop a suitable drug for Corona treatment.

She added: “In parallel with this trend, the company was able to decode the genetic code of the Corona virus, and we went to” the science of virus gene proteins “and entered into a partnership with another company, to work to increase the production capacity of the company once the serum is finished, especially since it will be required then to save 7 billion Serum, to meet the needs of all countries, so Sanofi Pasteur entered this partnership to work to provide for all needs if the vaccine was officially approved by the official authorities in Europe.

Dr. Nepal confirmed its gold, that reaching the decoding of the genetic code of corona is a glimmer of hope, just as the company arrives at creating a faxim or a serum that makes the virus cannot attack the cell, it will have a great positive return, and said: “I think the results of this serum will be important “, Pointing out that the company started clinical studies, and during the coming weeks will begin clinical trials, in the hope that the vaccine will be offered within a year and a half, after obtaining all the required medical approvals, and providing the needs of all countries.”


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