Saudi prisons delete a controversial tweet on the health of Prince Muhammad bin Nayef


The Saudi Prison Directorate account on Twitter was deleted, a tweet that raised much controversy about the health of the former crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, who is currently imprisoned.

The deleted tweet denied reports that Prince bin Nayef had died, said he had suffered a heart attack and had been transferred to the intensive care unit.

The tweet indicated that the prince is being cared for by a specialized medical team supervising his condition around the clock.

Tweet Saudi Prison Directorate before its deletion (communication sites)

Immediately after the tweet was posted, Saudis were quick to question its authenticity, asserting that the account was compromised, which was confirmed by the Al-Arabiya account, which specializes in Saudi News on Twitter.

However, the news of the account being hacked was also met with skepticism from others, who saw it as a prelude to getting rid of the former crown prince.

Prince Muhammad bin Nayef was the crown prince and deputy prime minister and interior minister until he was relieved of what was called a “white coup” against him from the current crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman in 2017. The New York Times indicated that Bin Nayef had been under house arrest since the overthrow with it.

Last March, bin Nayef was arrested along with his uncle, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, and other princes.

The British “Middle East Eye” website had then quoted sources as saying that Bin Salman is carrying out this campaign because he intends to install himself as king before the G20 summit to be held in Riyadh in November.

According to a report written by the site’s editor-in-chief David Hurst, citing sources familiar with the plan, Muhammad bin Salman will not wait for the death of his father, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, because he believes that the presence of his father gives him legitimacy, and seeks to use the G20 summit to announce his rise to the throne.

One of the sources said that the crown prince “wants to guarantee in his father’s life that he will become king”.

Bin Nayef is considered the first security man in the country, since he was appointed since 1999 as an assistant interior minister for security affairs, and in November 2012 he was appointed interior minister, nicknamed the General of the War on Terrorism, where he supervised plans to eliminate violence in the Kingdom, which witnessed a wave of bombings in various regions.

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