Sawiris announces his brother’s infection in Corona: discovered in Switzerland and identical to


01:37 am

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Businessman Eng. Naguib Sawiris said that his brother discovered that he was infected with Corona virus while in Switzerland for surgery.

Sawiris added, in a television interview with the channel, “Russia Today”: “He was in Switzerland to undergo surgery, and a Corona analysis was performed for him, and the results appeared positive, but he recovered.”

Criticizing Egypt’s personal preventive measures to combat the Corona virus, Sawiris said it was “zero.” He added: “When walking in Arabic and looking at people to meet them, they will hug some people on the bus in Tahrir Square with a laughing seat, so if the virus is spreading, it would bring us every day 100 thousand and 200 thousand cases.”

Sawiris said: “In my opinion, life has returned from Mbareh, because there are few 400 and 500 injuries in Egypt.”

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