Schubert: The Fifth Committee wishes to cancel the League and Cup matches “will take place in two weeks”


Ahmed Shoubir, the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper, confirmed that the Egyptian Cup championship will not be canceled in the current season, despite the long pause that started since last March due to the spread of the new Corona epidemic, and the mystery of the fate of the entire season, including the general league competition, and Schubert cited Muhammad’s statements Fadl, a member of the quinquennial committee in charge of managing the Football Association, which confirmed that the cup matches are not a burden on the competition schedule, especially that the remaining matches from the age of the competition are numbered.

Schubert said, in radio statements on Radio On Sport, matches League The remaining amount is 147 games, but the remaining matches in the cup do not exceed 7 or 8 games, which means that the cup championship has a strong opportunity to complete its rival in the current season.

The former Al-Ahly goalkeeper added that cup matches can be played before the new season, and in general the cup championship is linked to the issue of the General Assembly of Jabalya, and in the event that the season begins mid-September, cup matches can be played at the end of August, especially since it does not need more than two weeks to determine the champion of the current season.

On the General League competition, Schubert confirmed that the meeting of the five-year committee with clubs will determine the fate of the tournament, and it is known that those who refuse to resume the competition more than agree to complete it, in addition to the statements of Mohamed Fadl, a member of the five-year committee, who confirmed that the league needs about 90 million pounds to complete its matches after taking Precautionary measures against Corona.

Schubert concluded his statements by saying, if the fate of the league is dependent on the decision of the state, we will all wait, but if it is dependent on the committee meeting with the clubs, this is the current situation in the presence of a desire within the mountain to cancel the competition, taking into account that the new season must start on schedule. To end in June, in order to take part in the African and Olympic qualifiers.


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