See the mark that remained after an operation in the heart of the Korean dictator


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Researchers on the reason for the absence of aOf the Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, For three weeks, they apparently left nothing and only tried to find, even a simple thread, that leads to knowing what happened to him completely, especially their scrutiny of what was broadcast by the official “Korean Central News Agency” Thursday and yesterday, Friday, which are pictures that were followed by a video the next day, to launch it A phosphate and fertilizer factory in Sunchon, 53 kilometers from the capital, Pyongyang.

One of the video clips, as in one of the pictures, showed a dark color mark, barely about half a centimeter in size, and we see it visible in the skin of his right hand wrist, according to the image published by the main above, and it may indicate that the 36-year-old has undergone a type From medical intervention to solve a problem in his heart, and after that he spent days of convalescence, during which doctors monitored the consequences of his treatment, and then released him recovering from what happened in it.

This scenario, reinforced by the image of the mark, was extracted by the American NK News website, and the South Korean activist, to publish his monitored news of its archenemy North, and recalled his report that the mark was not present in pictures taken of Kim Jong-un when he presided over a meeting of the Political Bureau on April 11 In the ruling Labor Party, that is, the day before his disappearance, which is a meeting we see an accompanying video, in which we find the Korean leader after the minute 1.23, somewhat confused and visually impaired, and raises his right without moving it, while supporting himself with his left, as if he used it for fear of falling.

As for the sign that may remain an average of two months on average, the site interpreted it as a trace of an opening in the wrist skin. Temporarily, as a normal open channel, which allows access to some heart surgery, a patient is subjected to it after a heart attack, for some reason, such as an increase in the level of cholesterol or an acute and acute psychological cause.

Suddenly he put his hand on his chest and fell to the ground

A week ago, Shukan Gendai Magazine, published weekly by Japan’s largest publishing and distribution house, Kodansha, which came to Al last Sunday, reported the news of a Chinese doctor who participated with a team of doctors sent by China to supervise the treatment of the Korean dictator, so he told her that The Korean leader “was visiting a countryside area, when he suddenly put his hand on his chest and fell to the ground,” he said, adding that a doctor who was accompanied by him “realized and swiftly served him by pressing his chest”, a sign that the reason for his fall may have been caused by a heart attack that struck the day before his absence.

To the right, when he wandered around on Thursday in the electric wagon, the second saluted the crowd and his wrist in it, free of any trace
To the right, when he wandered around on Thursday in the electric wagon, the second saluted the crowd and his wrist in it, free of any trace

And whoever searches on browsing sites, he will not find any image that shows that sign with the right or left Kim Jong-un wrist, except that appeared in a picture of him inside a semi-open electric vehicle, which was transported to the fertilizer factory and accompanied by some officials, and it may be a stain of something What, and has nothing to do with any surgery at all, except that his absence 20 days, and his failure to attend the most important national occasion of the system, which is the birthday of his grandfather, the founder of the state, Kim Il Sung, is unprecedented, so the absence raised many different speculations, and still is.

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