Senior high school students complain about the fall of the geography examination attendance platform


03:01 PM

Wednesday 06 May 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

A number of first-year high school students complained about the inability to register attending a geography exam.

Today, Wednesday, first graders of the first year of high school perform the geography exam from home in two periods; the first period starts from 9 am to 12 noon, and the second period starts from 12 noon until 3 pm.

Students confirmed that they had tried more than once to attend, but to no avail, due to the fall of the system.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education made it possible for students of the first and second grades, to link attendance registration after completing each exam.

The exams for the first and second grades at the end of the second semester take place electronically on the tablet from home.

Students of the first and second grades can register attendance after each exam through the following link:Press here

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